Your Bas-Relief bronze plaque is custom made for you. A clay model is made from the photograph that you provide. Using the finest bronze, this plaque is cast in our foundry with close attention to detail. The finished product is absolutely beautiful!

* High quality bronze
* Image of the clay model is emailed to you.
* One free draft and one free revision. Additional charge for more drafts.
* No setup fees
* No charge per character
* Several mounting options
* Several border styles available
* Several font styles available
* Lifetime guarantee (except for plaques placed in the ground)

We start with a photograph. Although we can use almost any quality photograph, the better the image, the better the modeling effort. Remember, the finished image will be an artist's interpretation of this photograph. An image of the clay model is sent to you via email for your comments or approval. When approved, the clay model is used for the bronze cast process. The Bas Relief is mechanically attached to the plaque background. Finished depth is 3/4" - 1". 

To order a bas-relief plaque, please go to the following product page, complete the information and place a checkmark by Bas-Relief.

Bronze Plaque

1. You will receive confirmation of your order. Email text and image to [email protected]. Include Order Number on the Subject line of the email so we can find your order quickly.
2. We will send a draft of the layout. The image placement will be indicated by a circle. This is a text proof.
3. After your approval of the text proof, the clay model is made. (Order cannot be canceled after Step 2.)
4. We will send an electronic image of the clay model. 
4. After you approved the bas-relief proof (image), the plaque is made and shipped to you.


1) Draft of the base plaque is provided in 3-7 days.

2) After base plaque is approved, the Bas Relief portion of the plaque is started.  When the Bas-relief portion of the process is started, the order cannot be canceled because of the work involved. A clay model of the Bas-relief is created by a professional artist (3-6 weeks) and an electronic file of the bas relief is sent to you for approval.

3) After approval, the bas-relief plaque is shipped in 3-4 weeks.