Bronze Plaque with Ceramic Insert
Precision tooled bronze, giclee image on ceramic finish

Bronze plaques with ceramic inserts are perfect when you'd like to add a photo. Our bronze plaques are made in 8-10 business days, after draft approval. Made in USA. 



* High quality bronze

* Ceramic insert with photo

* Made in 8-10 business days from draft approval

* Free proof with two free revisions. Extra charge may apply for additional proofs.

* No setup fees.

* No charge per character.

* Holds up to 1,200 letters

* Depth of plaque is 5/16"

* Several mounting options

* Standard border styles available

* Brushed finish

* Broad selection of font styles 

* Made in USA

* Placement: Outdoors and Indoors (cannot be placed in ground or walked on)

Lifetime guarantee



If you already know the size of plaque you want, simply select that size. If you haven't decided on a size, a general guideline is:

Count the number of letters and spaces and divide by 4. This will give you a typical plaque size in square inches. For example, 400 letters and spaces divided by 4 is 100 square inches. So a 10" x 10" plaque would work. We offer custom sizes as well. 


Text: (See Memorial Text Suggestions or our other plaques for text ideas.)

A maximum of 1200 characters can be placed on the bronze plaque. 


Lettering Style: Fonts 

Several font styles are available. See the Image Gallery for samples. The minimum letter size is 1/4" if the text is in ALL CAPS or 3/8" size if the text is in Upper and lower case. The larger the plaque, the larger the letters. The minimum size ensures that your plaque will be legible. 


Borders: Border Styles

Single and double lines available. 


Mounting Options: Mounting Information

There are several options for displaying your plaque.  Bronze plaques can be mounted on a wall or flat surface or they can be mounted on a stake or post.


Rosettes: Rosette Styles

Rosettes are decorative covers used to conceal the screw head in each corner. These can be used with Type B, Type C and Type D mounting. 



Using high-quality ceramic, we employ a patented glazing process that is kiln fired to make the image a permanent part of the glaze. This comes with a lifetime guarantee. 

The photograph is scanned at 1200 dpi resolution and a digital transfer is produced and applied to the blank. A clear glaze is applied over this transfer and the insert is fired in a kiln. Please provide a sharp, clear photo at the highest resolution possible. 



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



P.S. This plaque can be ordered in several sizes on the Bronze Plaque page.  On that page, there is a selection under "Choose Options" that says "Ceramic Photo Insert". You can select the size of photo insert and then go up to the "Size" option and select various sizes. The price will change dynamically with the size. Place your order on the Bronze Plaque page.

Care and Maintenance of Plaques

Bronze Plaque with Ceramic Insert

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Draft available in 6-10 days. After draft approval, ready to ship in 10-12 business days. Add 1-5 ship days.
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Part Number:GM3507CI
  • Material:Bronze

Choose Options

Information help
Prices depend upon size. The price shown is for a 10" x 8", 2.3" x 3.1" Insert
Letter Style
Background Color
Background Texture
Mounting Method
Surface Mount
Rosette Style
Stake Mount (Optional)
Rosette Size
Post Mount Aluminum (Optional)
Artwork (Free, Optional)
Ceramic Photo Insert (Optional). Minimum Plaque Size 10" x 8"
Salt Water Exposure

Made in USA

Made in USA

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