Bronze Plaque with Flat Relief
Flat Relief Plaque 10"L x 8"H (minimum size). Sand texture background.

Our Flat Relief bronze plaque is an alternative to the bas-relief plaque. The flat relief plaques are two-dimensional images that are part of a plaque. This is a two-dimensional precision tooled plaque that is an alternative to the expense and time turnaround of a bas-relief. The lettering (and image) are raised off the surface of the plaque. It is a two-dimensional plaque (whereas the bas-relief is three dimensional).  

TIP: If you want a photo on a bronze plaque, but it is not very sharp,  the Flat Relief  is an excellent plaque. Our artists will create a portrait using the photo as a reference. Thus, you receive a beautifully rendered customized plaque. 

* High quality bronze
* Provide high quality photo or illustration
* Minimum plaque size is 8"H x 10" L.
* Lettering (and image) are raised off the surface of the plaque.
* The relief highlights are brushed gold bronze to match the letters.
* The relief's shadows match the background color of the plaque.
* Final portrait will be 6" H minimum. Height depends upon height of the plaque.
* Free proof with two free revisions. Extra charge may apply for additional proofs.
* No setup fees
* No charge per character
* Several mounting options
* Several border styles available
* Several font styles available
* Sand texture
* Stipple background.
* The portrait is raised to match the text. The relief's highlights are brushed gold bronze to match the letters. The relief's shadows to match the background colors.
* We take a photo and then our artist creates their interpretation of the image. (This is different from the Photo Relief where the actual photo is used.)
* Placement: Outdoors and Indoors
* Lifetime guarantee (except for plaques placed in the ground or walked on)
* Made in USA


A good quality photograph or illustration is needed. If an image cannot be used, we'll work with you to find a solution.  Due to the amount of work involved, there will be a design charge that will be removed from the refund if the order is cancelled after proof is received.


The image displays a flat relief bronze plaque which is available in several sizes (starting at 8"H x 10"L).  The price shown is for a 8" x 10" flat relief. Prices will vary depending upon the size of the plaque.


1. Go to Bronze Plaque

2. Select Add Flat Relief Option when you are selecting other options on that page. Minimum plaque size must be at least 10"L x 8"L. The minimum height of the flat relief image is 6"H.

3. When you receive a copy of the order in your email,  email the text and image to us. Include the Order Number on the subject line so we can find it quickly. 

4. We will email a proof for review and approval within 3-7 business days.

5. After you approve the proof, the plaque is made in 8-10 business days.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

P.S. This plaque can be ordered in several sizes on the Bronze Plaque page. On that page, there is a selection under "Choose Options" that says "Flat Relief". You can select the size of the photo insert, go up to the "Size" option and select various sizes of the plaque. The prices will change dynamically with the size. Place your order on the Bronze Plaque page.

Bronze Plaque with Flat Relief

Your Price:$977.99
Retail Price:$1,400.00
Your Savings:$422.01
* Draft is provided in 3-7 business days. After draft approval, ready to ship in 8-10 business days. Add 1-5 ship days.
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Part Number:GM-72213BR

Choose Options

Prices depend upon size. The price shown here is for a 10"x 8"
Ordering Instructions
1. Follow "Order Instructions" steps under Description

Made in USA

Made in USA

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