Classic Extension Plaque
Classica Arch Extension

The Classic Extension plaque is used as additional name plaque for the Classic Arch Plaque or for description and name plaques. The plaque is hand-cast from durable, rust-free recycled aluminum.  The Classic Extension plaque is ideal for one line signs for directions, information, or name plaques. This name plate is recommended for commercial signs as well as for on- line numbers and names. Made in USA. 



Special characters such as arrows, fractions, slashes, and apostrophes can be used. Quotation marks are not available. Special characters are counted as 1 character.  


* Size: 15.75" W x 3" H

* Personalization up to seventeen 1.25" characters. 


* Size: 23.25" W x 4.25" H

* Personalization up to seventeen 2" characters


This plaque can be used for: 

* Private Property

* No Soliciting

* Entrance

* No Parking

* No Smoking

* Stairway

* Exit 

* Restroom (example: Men, Women)

* Telephone 

* Executive Name

* Directional (example: Left, Right, Enter here)

* Company Name or Suite Number

* Room Designations (example: Conference Room 1)



* Made of rust-free recycled aluminum

* Available in several colors/finishes

* Paints are specially formulated to withstand adverse weather conditions

* Handmade

* Hardware provided

* Use as an extension plaque for the Classic Arch plaque or as a description plaque

* Manufacturer's warranty (defects, workmanship): 1 year

* Made in USA


Available in Wall style. Two holes on each side are drilled and hardware for mounting on the wall are provided. This allows you to place the extension at any distance below the plaque.

Classic Extension Plaque

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  • Material:Recycled aluminum

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Made in USA

Made in USA

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