Custom Aluminum Plaque with Full Color Photo or Artwork
Artwork on Aluminum Plaque

Display a high quality reproduction from photos or art files. Our process applies the image as inserts into your plaque. The combination of high-resolution printing, abrasion-resistant clear coat and premium base materials results in a picture perfect product. 



* High quality precision tooled aluminum

* Made in 8-10 business days from draft approval

* Free proof with two free revisions. Extra charge may apply for additional proofs.

* No setup fees.

* No charge per character.

* Holds up to 1,200 letters, depending upon the plaque size. 

* Depth of plaque is 5/16"

* Mount on a wall

* Display in the lawn on a stake or post

* Several  border styles available

* Brushed finish

* Several font styles available

* Available in brushed aluminum or in painted color (extra charge)

* The quality of the artwork/photo supplied is reflected in the final print's quality

Lifetime guarantee with interior use 

10 year limited guarantee with exterior use 


FINISH: Brushed aluminum.

Plaque faces are stroke-sanded with baked enamel background before being clear coated and oven baked with a two part hardened acrylic polyurethane. Generally, these are used for memorials, dedication plaques, or signage. This finish is not recommended for coastal areas. Raised copy and border is in brushed aluminum. If you want a bronze-like gold color, please send an email to [email protected] for a quote. 



If you already know the size of plaque you want, simply select that size. If you haven't decided on a size, a general guideline is:

Count the number of letters and spaces and divide by 4. This will give you a typical plaque size in square inches. For example, 400 letters and spaces divided by 4 is 100 square inches. So a 10" x 10" plaque would work. We offer custom sizes as well. 


TEXT: (See Memorial Text Suggestions or our other plaques for text ideas.)

A maximum of 1200 characters can be placed on the Standard Aluminum plaque



Several font styles are available. See Details tab for samples. The minimum letter size is 1/4" if the text is in ALL CAPS or 3/8" size if the text is in Upper and lower case. The larger the plaque, the larger the letters. The minimum size ensures that your plaque will be legible. 


BORDERS: Border Styles


MOUNTING: Mounting Information

There are several options for displaying your plaque.  Custom aluminum plaques can be mounted on a wall or flat surface or they can be mounted on a stake or post. (Although the link shows Bronze method, the same applies to custom aluminum.)


ROSETTES: See Details for samples

Rosettes are decorative covers used to conceal the screw head in each corner. These can be used with Type B, Type C and Type D mounting. (Although the link shows Bronze method, the same applies to custom aluminum.)


ARTWORK: Free Artwork Available 

Depending upon the space remaining on the plaque after the text is entered, a graphic can be added.  After you place the order and send the text, we will be able to tell you if the graphic will fit. Due to the amount of work involved, artwork is $24 if the order is cancelled after proof is received. Custom artwork (such as logos) is available as a separate product. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



1. Place your order. 

2. Email the text (and photo if applicable) to [email protected] Be sure to include your order number on the subject line of the email. 

3. We will provide a draft of your plaque for your review and approval. 
4. Upon your approval, your order will be processed and we'll send you an email with a tracking number when it ships. 

Custom Aluminum Plaque with Full Color Photo or Artwork

Your Price:$181.45
Retail Price:$385.00
Your Savings:$203.55
Draft available in 3-7 business days. After draft approval, ready to ship in 8-12 days. Add 3-5 days if artwork is added. Add 1-5 ship days.
Free Shipping
Part Number:GM4510C
  • Material:Aluminum

Choose Options

Size (inches). Click arrow for sizes help
Letter Style help
Background Color help
Background Texture help
Border help
Raised Letters & Border help
Mounting Method help
Surface Mount help
Rosette Style help
Rosette Size
Stake Mount (Optional) help
Post Mount Aluminum (Optional)
Artwork (Optional) help
Enter Artwork Name & Number (see link to the left for artwork). Art is added if there is room.
Salt Water Exposure help
Plaque will be exposed to salt water. Have manufacturer apply special finish. [+$25.00]
Email text to [email protected] after placing order
Giclee Image

Made in USA

Made in USA

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