Custom Artwork for Bronze & Aluminum Plaques
Example of custom art on a bronze plaque.
Artwork for bronze plaque must be in vector format. All of our free artwork is in vector format.

If you want a special design, please include this product with your order and explain what you want in the Comments section of the order form.  Custom artwork is non-refundable.

For free artwork, please see this page: GM- Artwork

Note: If you already have a logo or art that is in vector format, there is no need to order this product. The file must be vector based (.cdr, .eps, .ai, .acv, .sci,.fs). (Jpeg files are not vector art.)

Custom Artwork for Bronze & Aluminum Plaques

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Retail Price:$150.00
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Custom artwork. Not refundable.
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Part Number:JDX-Custom-Artwork

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