Every AP- plaque is handcrafted. Your plaque is totally unique from every other plaque and has been "touched" by many different hands. Different hands means that there are variations in the look and finish of your AP- sign. Your plaque nudges 8 different steps before it is shipped and each step imparts a level of uniqueness. This means that you will have a one-of-a-kind custom plaque. And the verdi finishes are even more unique because a chemical-reaction process ensures that your plaque's color will be distinctively unique. 

Thus, a handcrafted plaque will have normal variations, little bumps, waves and other variations in the finish, that might be called defects by some, are actually part of the charm that only a handcrafted item can deliver.

Like windows, ceramic garden art and countless other items, these handcrafted plaques are not immune to breakage or denting if dropped, struck or banged. "Exterior" means that the plaque will not rust, rot, flake, or fade. If you accidentally drop it and get a dent or overtighten a screw, try a little stain, dye, paint or even a colored marker to cover the blemish. Practice on the back or a less conspicuous area first. 

Due to variances in materials, colors may have differences than displayed on the website. Metal finishes are also affected by the ambient conditions in the factory that is not a foundry, but is a hands-on process. All of these variations are normal and therefore the manufacturer cannot offer warranty protection against color variations.