How the AP Sign is Made
The AP plaque has a base of modern 30 pound High Density Urethane (HDU) sign board (a type of plastic). This is a product that was developed for the aerospace industry and has been used for signage for over 40 years. AP HDU plaques  are not castings from a foundry. 

The HDU plaques has a cold applied, real metal coating that is used thoughout the world. It is a well-proven, tough, and beautiful coating that gives the look of cast metal without limitations.

AP plaques are very durable, but will not stand up to repeated abuse, such as having a shutter bang on it. The designs are beautiful and custom designed. If you are looking for a bronze plaque with a life warranty, please see our Bronze plaques: .

When you receive your order, you will notice that it is lighter weight. Since it is HDU with a thin metal coating, it is light and easy to hang on any wall without fear of testing the building’s structural integrity.

AP plaques are used athe U.S. Coast Guard Academy, United States Capitol Visiter Center in Washing D.C., 

In fact, you have probably observed metal coated HDU, but were unaware that you weren’t looking at a foundry casting. Bottom line is architects and designers realize this is a well tested, and well accepted process, and use it without hesitation at some of the worlds most prestigious properties.

AP plaques are made in the USA using American materials and labor.

The AP plaque is made of High Density Urethane Board (HDU) that has been formulated with eco-friendly, “Green” urethane components. This formulation has been in use since 2008 and has achieved a certified “Carbon Balance” of 3 to 1 and a “Rapidly Renewable Resource Content” of 23.9%.

The HDU (not to be confused with wood) will not split, warp, absorb water, rot, or attract insects. It is designed for outdoors and indoors.


The HDU Board is becoming a replacement for the more traditional cedar signs that would be carved or blasted with abrasives. However, the sign board will not split or warp, has no water absorption, so it won’t rot, meaning no insect attacks, and the artistic advantages are limitless.

The METAL COATING is NOT paint. The Metal Coatings are impervious to ultraviolet light, non-corrosive, non-conductive of electricity and can withstand a force of 2,364 psi without detaching from the HDU substrate. The metal coating we use is genuine brass, bronze, copper, and stainless steel – bonded permanently to almost any lightweight core material.

The metal coating is NOT paint, it is REAL metal sprayed on to the HDU surface and is comprised of up to 75% real metal. The metal is unaffected by UV exposure, rain, sleet and snow. If left without a clear coat it will tarnish because it is real metal. There is a chemical bond formed with the HDU versus mechanical like paint. Meaning the metal coating will not flake or peel as it is bonded to the HDU.

Sprayed metal has been proven for over 30 years. These are cold-applied (meaning they won’t melt things) REAL METAL coatings that allow a layer of metal to be applied over almost any substrate (surface). The incredible results look, feel and act just like hot foundry cast metal but without the weight and expense.

An extremely high-quality, marine grade, clear coating is used on the plaque.  “Marine Grade” means that the coating is designed to stand up to harsh coastal salt spray environments.

The lacquer is specifically designed to protect metal surfaces in extreme exterior environments. The manufacturer states that it “should give satisfactory exterior protection for at least ten years under normal conditions. Considerably longer life is expected.” Our experience has been very favorable with this fine and expensive product. Suitable for indoor and outdoor application and will pass LEED certification specs.

The plaques have the premiere enamels. They are for interior and exterior uses. We also use some pigments and two part epoxy for our “little” bit of color added to some signs.