Your address plaque can be mounted on aluminum, vinyl, brick and wood siding. If you did not receive screws with the plaque, standard brass or other material screws can be purchased at a hardware store.

If you plan on mounting your address plaque on brick or stucco, we recommend purchasing anchors and screws at your local hardware store. Measure the sign and determine how far apart the screws need to be to adhere the sign to the wall. Mark pencil points on the wall where the screw holes are. Hold a level at the points to ensure that the sign will hang straight. Insert a masonry bit in the drill. Drill a hole on the pencil marks on the brick wall. Insert a lead masonry anchor into each drilled hole. Fasten the sign to the wall using screws.

Determine where you will hang the plaque and mark the holes with a pencil. Drill starter holes into the siding and then place the plaque, insert the screws and tighten.

Mount the plaque to the stake in the same way as the wall model. Push the stake into the ground. If you have compact soil, use a hammer to drive the stake into the ground. If theft is a concern, set the stake in quick-set cement.

Choose a spot that has a smooth and even surface to make attaching the plaque easier and more secure. Scrub the rock surface with a stiff bristle brush to remove dirt and debris. Apply a bead of block and stone adhesive around the back edge of the plaque to form a secure and watertight seal. Place additional adhesive on the back of the plaque. Use an X pattern to fill in the center area. Hold the plaque with both hands and place it in the desired location. Press the plaque firmly in place. Allow the adhesive to cure for up to 7 days for a strong and secure bond.

Alternative: Flush mount the plaque into the rock. Attach the plaque to the rocks with outdoor block and stone adhesive. You may also drill mounting holes into the stone and install masonry screws to hold the plaque in place. It is best to test on an "unseen" part of the rock to make sure that cracks do not develop.

See mounting options and instructions here.


Attaching signs to concrete