Illuminated Address Tiles - 6" High Characters
Illuminated Address Tiles - 6" High in slimline frame.

Display your address in 6" high characters on ceramic tiles. The tiles are inset into our slimline frame that holds a maximum of seven tiles with 6" characters. The numbers are illuminated with our Crown Hood Iluminator. The illuminator has four bulbs and will illuminate seven tiles. 


Tile Size: 6" H x 3" W x 3/8" D 

The width of your plaque is dependent upon the total number of tiles (maximum of seven). 

Frame Width 

1 character address = 3" width 

2 character address = 6" width 

3 character address = 9" width 

4 character address = 12" width 

5 character address = 15" width

6 character address = 18" width

7 character address = 21" width 



* Eliminates the frustration of locating a residence or or night

* Aesthetically pleasing - blends with any decor. 

* Slimline frame with no border

* Lifetime illuminator unit warranty

* Ideal for emergency situations

* Illuminates via your doorbell transformer with no special wiring. Or a transformer is available. 

* Operates for just pennies a week

* Has a weather resistant die cast aluminum frame

* Frame is finished with a durable powder coat designed for years of dependable use

* Large 6" address numbers or letters

* Maximum of 7 numbers

* Smooth or crackle finish tiles

* Address is permanently fired on the tiles

* Ceramic tile is adhered to the frame. Mount with screws (provided) on each side of the frame.

* Plastic shield covers the lights. 



1. Connect the wires to the existing doorbell transfer.

2. Use a Class II 20VA, 16 Volt Transformer, INDOOR USE ONLY.



A 1/2 tile (1.5" W) on each side of the characters can be added as an option. This will increase the frame width by 3". (Not available with 7 characters addresses.)

Illuminated Address Tiles - 6" High Characters

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Part Number:ELJT5230L
  • Material:Ceramic

Choose Options

1/2 tile on both sides
Add 1/2 tile on each side of the address
Power Option
Add Illuminator [+$24.95]

Made in USA

Made in USA

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