How long does the frame last before fading or pitting?
 coating will not chip, crack, fade or peel. Our product is designed for
 outdoor use. Plated bronze and pewter are "living finishes" and subject
 to the process of patina. The frame is closed on all four sides.

What is covered under the Lifetime Warranty?

The warranty covers material and workmanship (i.e., lamps, powder coating, cultured stone or tile)

How long does the illumination typically last?
We have many illuminators still in service that are 25+ years old.

Are the bulbs changeable or do you change out the entire frame?
The lamps (Bulbs) are warranted for the life of the product with free replacement. Under laboratory conditions, because of the design layout of the PC board and its components, the lamps will last approximately 125 years. However, because the electrical grid not a lab, surges can shorten that life. The bulbs (mini wedge based #194) can be replaced without removing the illuminator from the wall.  Please send us an email if you need a replacement bulb. The larger illuminated plaques have a plastic shield over the lights. The standard size does not have a shield.

Will this product work from a 110 electrical feed with a transformer?

Yes. A 14 to 16 doorbell transformer.