Our granite stones are crafted from the finest materials and can last a lifetime.

Our granite is a natural stone and can withstand all types of weather. It does not require a sealant.

To remove dirt and debris, just use warm soapy water (like dish soap). A soft brush can be used as well. Do not use any thinner or acetone product. And don't use any kind of abrasive such as "Brillo" or "Comet". If desired, you can use a granite cleaner every few years to brighten the granite.

Attaching to surfaces such as concrete:
If you wish to attach the paver or granite to a surface outdoors such as concrete, use outdoor thin-set cement and seal the edges to prevent water getting between the mounting surface and the memorial. If you are laying it on the ground, dig a shallow square and lay it flat so that a mower can go over it without scratching it.

Difference between a photo draft and etching
Drafts that are provided are based on photos. When the image is etched into granite, the image is muted. Below is an example: