All KB cast stone products are designed and hand-cast in the USA. We offer over 250 KB products, including memorial stones, sculptures, benches, statues, obelisks and garden plaques.

- Designed and hand-cast in the USA (Pennsylvania)
- Made of cast stone which provides the look, feel and weight of true stone. Cast stone allows the manufacturer to shape the stone and add text as part of the stone.
- Text is cast into the stone (not painted on the surface)
- For items with marble insets, the text is etched into the marble
- Weatherproof
- For securing into the ground, set the item in wet cement and use a sealant (flat, not glossy)
- Guarantee: "If anything goes wrong, ever, we will fix it."

To find all KB products, search for "KB-" (without the quotes) in the Search box at the top of the page.  Some items are not cast stone and will be identified as to the material.