When we lose our beloved pet, our hearts ache and we miss their presence dearly. Many of our memorials provide inspiration for text that can be engraved into granite, stone or marble.  You may find them helpful. In addition, here are some more. We welcome any text that you want to add to this list. 

Beloved, Treasured 
You played with such delight, 
We watched you grow and explore
And even chewed our favorite shoes
You are special and always ours.
Though you are absent, you are not gone
You'll always be the beloved treasure in our hearts

Hey there little Tiger. You bounded in our lives with sloppy kisses and flopped down at our feet. Before we even knew it, you stole our hearts. 

We place this memorial in the garden so that you can watch over your kingdom. We are going to miss you, Little Tiger, but we'll keep you close to us and you will never be forgotten. 

Teddy, my little treasure, light of my life, best friend. Play on. 

Running wild and free in Husky heaven. We love you and miss you. 

Forever our friend. Forever in our hearts. 

You are pure joy and pure love. Forever in our hearts. - Your loving family

Your paw prints will be on our hearts forever