There are three ways to install a porcelain portrait:

1. DOUBLE-SIDED TAPE: Use alcohol to clean the mounting surface. Place the porcelain on the surface and mark the location with a pencil. Place strong double-sided adhesive tape to the back of the piece. Press it firmly for about 2 minutes. Use a high quality silicone caulking between the edges of the porcelain piece and the mounting surface. You can order the tape with the porcelain product (under Mounting).  

2. EPOXY: The traditional way to install a porcelain portrait is to sandblast a recess into granite, apply a weatherproof epoxy adhesive to the back of the porcelain and install flush to the granite. 

3. POSTS: When using posts, drill two holes into the granite, fill the holes with epoxy and insert posts (on the back of the porcelain) into these holes. The posts are approximately 2" long, but can be clipped for items that do not have 2" depth such as thin granite markers. You can order posts with the porcelain (under Mounting).

Use an easel to display the portrait or use your crafting skills to mount it in an attractive frame or holder.