Personalized Glass Tray with Pet
Personalized Glass Tray with Pet
Personalized glass tray that is perfect as a cutting board, for serving, or a special memorial.  This durable, glass board can be personalized with the shown decoration and your own text. For an even more customized cutting board, we'll use a photo provided by you and add your personalized text!

The photograph and wording are baked into a strong durable glass plate. It is packaged in a white display box showing the personalization. Made in USA.

- Strong, glass plate/board
- Glass is softly pebbled to hold items in place
- Rubber feet to protect surfaces
- Personalization and photo is baked into the glass
- Use displayed image and add your own text or use your own photo and text
- Packaged in a white display box showing the personalized glass
- Free drafts
- Hand wash only
- Made in USA

- In Memory of (Name & Date)
- Dogs have owners, cats have staff.
- The smallest feline is a masterpiece. ~Leonardo da Vinci
- Cats are smarter than dogs. You canÌt get eight cats to pull a sled through snow.Ó ~Jeff Valdez
- Dogs are mankind's best friend.
- Dogs are just children with fur 
- Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.
- Home is where your dog  is
- In this house, the dog's in charge
- Horses are noble, wise and forever loyal.


11 7/8" Diameter x 1/4" Depth.  Holds up to 100 characters of text.

11-1/8" H x 15-1/4" L x 1/4" D.  Holds up to 100 characters of text.

If you'd like a special photo used, send (via email) a sharp, clear photo that is scanned at 250 dpi or more. The original photo should be at least 3x5. (If you need help on that, just give us a call.) We will crop the photo so you don't need to worry about modifying the photo.

A free draft is provided, along with a modification to that draft, if needed. After three drafts, we will contact you to discuss the cost of further modifications.

1. Place an order.
2. Email the text and photo (optional) to us. Please include your Order Number on the subject line so that we can associate your text with your order.
3. We will send you a draft for your approval.
4. After you approve the draft, we will ship your order. You'll receive a tracking number so that you will know the scheduled delivery date.

Personalized Glass Tray with Pet

Your Price:$64.95
Retail Price:$80.00
Your Savings:$15.05
* Draft is provided in 2-4 days. After draft approval, ready to ship in 1 week. Add 1-5 ship days.
Part Number:JF-SBL077PET

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Email text and photo (optional) to [email protected] after order is placed.

Made in USA

Made in USA

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