Pet Memorial Monument
Pet Memorial Monument

This pet memorial stone is made of extremely durable slate that has been newly quarried in the U.S.A. and hand-cut to size. Your pet's name and the years of its life are etched  into the memorial stone  and in the center of the memorial marker is an etched image of a dog print, cat print, or horseshoe.  This memorial plaque is very durable and is painted with an exterior enamel so that your memories of your beloved pet will last forever. 



10" x 14"



Enter up to 10 characters for name. Enter 4 numbers for the years. A dash will separate the years. (Text cannot replace dates.) The pet's name is etched in gold. The paw print (or horseshoe imprint) and dates are etched in white.


Tip: To display this memorial stone upright, make a slit in the earth with a shovel, open the slit and push the bottom edge into the ground. Use a little wiggle back and forth, not a huge shove to push it into the opening.

Pet Memorial Monument

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  • Material:Slate

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Made in USA

Made in USA

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