Photo Relief Plaque - Bronze
Photo Relief on bronze

Perfect for memorials, dedications, historical markers or any special occasion, our photo relief plaques tell a story through photos and words. The photo relief plaque provides fantastic interpretation of your images in just 10-12 days after the draft has been approved. Made in USA.

* Raised copy and detail
* While guaranteed for a lifetime, the image is guaranteed for life indoors and for at least 7 years in most exterior applications
* Text can be placed on the photo or below the photo
* Price is for one photograph to create a simple and elegant plaque. If you plan one using more than one image, please send an email to The background will be have the texture/color that you select. (It will not be a flag.)
* High quality bronze is used.
* Proprietary oxidizing technology (dark oxide) brings out the contrast between recessed and highlighted areas.
* High resolution (at least 300 dpi) and high quality photo is required to make a great looking plaque
* Approximately 3/8" depth. Depth increases based on the plaque size.
* Text can be imbedded in the image area or placed below the image.
* Single line border or Single line bevel (see image)
* Sand background with Random Orb surface (see image)
* Matte Clearcoat
* Can be mounted on a surface, on a garden stake(s), or on a post
* Other sizes available. Send email or call for pricing.
* Placement: Outdoors and Indoors
* Lifetime warranty
* Made in USA

The photo relief plaque is a stunning plaque of photos and text on bronze. This plaque is a blend of cast metal and photography. (Unlike our bas-relief plaques, our Photo Relief plaques are created directly from the photograph and are not an artist's interpretation and the subject is not projected for a 3D presentation.) We can use one photograph or several to create a simple and elegant plaque or a breath-taking collage that illustrates the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words". (Contact us if you want a collage of photographs.)


1. Go to Bronze Plaque

2. Complete the options and select Photo Relief plaque.


The Photo Relief plaque is also available in ALUMINUM.

Photo Relief Plaque - Bronze

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Draft is provided in 5-10 business days. After draft approval, ready to ship in approximately 8-10 business days. Add 1-5 ship days.
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Made in USA

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