ROSETTES in Bronze and Aluminum

Rosettes are optional. Normally, they are used for placement over screws that show on the plaque. The corners of the plaque are drilled for machine or wood screws. Rosettes then cover the screw heads. They are decorative caps only. If rosettes are ordered for a mounting option other than screws, we will supply adhesive to glue the rosette onto the plaque. If the plaque will be placed in a place where vandalism is possible, we suggest using the blind mount option with no rosettes.

Rosettes for Bronze and Aluminum Plaques
If you ordered a bronze plaque, the color is the one on the left. If you ordered an aluminum plaque, the color is the one on the right.

Rosettes are available in .5", .75", 1" and 1.5" except for R-4 and R-7 which are in 1" and 1.5" only.