Shipping Information

Shipping, based on price
$0-$35.00                 $11.99    
$35.01-$50.00          $15.99     
$50.01-$70.00          $16.99     
$70.01- $90.00         $17.99    
$90.01-$160.00        $18.99     
$160.01+                   Free

Shipping time
Generally, it takes 1-5 business days for shipping. We email a tracking number when the order ships. Click on the tracking number to view the scheduled delivery date. We do not ship directly to the US Post Office; however, Fedex has an arrangement with selected USPS facilities that allow the post office to deliver your order. 

Undeliverable Orders
If an order is undelivered, you are responsible for shipping and reshipping. Examples: inaccurate shipping address, business is closed, unsafe location per the shipping company, required signature. Inclement weather as determined by the shipping company may delay shipment. 

Special Shipping Requests
Enter special shipping requests in the Comments section of the Order Form. This includes requirement for signature. 

Shipping outside of the continental US, APO addresses
Some of our international customers have items shipped to friends in the US who can forward the item to them.

Shipping Status
Every product has a statement that provides turnaround time from order placement to receipt. It is shown under the price. If that time has elapsed, please send an email to