Two-Sided Hanging Plaque - 1 Line Clamp
Two-Sided Hanging Plaque - One Line

Two-sided hanging sign that has clamps to attach to any standard hanging bar (approx 1"). It is crafted of rust-free recycled aluminum and has a durable finish that is designed to withstand all weather conditions. It is hand-cast and made in the USA.



Plaque: 14.5" W x  3.5" H

Posts: Clamps are 8.75" apart and 3" from each edge



* Made of rust-free recycled aluminum

* Available in several colors including reflective white lettering on a black background. (Reflective lettering is only available with the black/white BW color selection.)

* Paints are specially formulated to withstand adverse weather conditions

* Handmade

* Personalization permanently cast into the plaque (not adhesive)

* Personalization on both sides

* Hanging bar (optional)

* Manufacturer warranty (defects, workmanship): 1 year

* Made in USA



One Line Plaque, text centered, text on both sides:

Line 1: Holds up to seventeen 1.25" characters.



Personalization on both sides. The holes are 7.75" from the center and are inset 3.5" from the left and right side. 


HANGING BAR (optional)

This sign is designed to hang from a ladder rest (hanging) bar. (You can use an existing 1" diameter standard bar such as those found on lamp posts or you can order this one.)

This ladder rest bar is made of recycled rust-free aluminum and is finished in durable powder coated black finish. Bar: 16" L x 1”D

Two-Sided Hanging Plaque - 1 Line Clamp

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  • Material:Recycled aluminum

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Hanging Bar

Made in USA

Made in USA

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* Ready to ship in 6-8 weeks. Add 1-5 ship days.

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