Two-Sided Hanging Sign 2 line with Clamps
Two-Sided Hanging Sign 2 lines

Permanent raised white reflective letters on a baked satin black background. Other colors available. The sign has clamps on the top which go around the hanging bar and tightens with the provided screws. The diameter of the clamp area is 1".

* Plaque has a black background with white reflective lettering. Other colors (not reflective lettering) are available.
* Clamps are used to secure the sign on the bar. Screws for tightening are provided.
* Clamps can be used with existing .75-1" hanging bars (or order a bar from us)
* Raised borders (.25" thick) with body thickness of 1/8" to 3/16"
* Created using hand-made sand casts
* Black background is baked on with an enamel finish
* Lettering is baked into the plaque and two coats of air dry lacquer paint are applied and finished with a semigloss clear coat for extra shine. These are not stick-on letters.
* Lettering is on both sides
* Recycled aluminum
* Hand-made in USA.

4.75" H x 14.75" W
Weight 2 lbs

The holes are 8.75" from the center and are inset 3" from the left and right side. 

Holds up to seventeen 1.25" letters and spaces on each line. (Up to 20 characters can be used, but the lettering will be smaller.)
- Personalization on both sides

This sign is designed to hang from a ladder rest (hanging) bar. You can use an existing 1" diameter standard bar such as those found on lamp posts or you can order one from us. This ladder rest bar is made of recycled rust-free aluminum and is finished in durable powder coated black finish. Bar: 16" L x 1”D

Two-Sided Hanging Sign 2 line with Clamps

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Hanging Bar

Made in USA

Made in USA

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