Wall Sign in Aluiminum 2 Line
Two-Sided Post Plaque - 1 line

This 2 line wall sign can be used for special statements, such as Waiting Room, Exit, etc. Wall sign that holds up to 17 characters on each line. Label a room or put your address on this sign for a classic look. 

Mounting screws are included.



4.75"H x 14.75"W



* Made of rust-free recycled aluminum

* Black background with white reflective letters

* Paints are specially formulated to withstand adverse weather conditions

* Handmade

* Hardware provided

* Manufacturer's warranty (defects, workmanship): 1 year

* Made in USA



Line 1: Holds up to seventeen 1.25" characters
Line 2: Holds up to seventeen 1.25" characters

Wall Sign in Aluiminum 2 Line

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Part Number:GU-CWS-2
  • Material:Recycled aluminum

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Made in USA

Made in USA

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