Address Plaque on Rock, 115-654
Address Rock Model 115 With 654 Plaque

Display your address in a landscape rock. This hollow rock has a flat face for the address marker. Made in USA. 


Rock Dimensions: 

Rock: 32"W x 24"L x 24" H

Weight: 3 lbs

* Please note the size. This is a rock, not a boulder. 


NOTE:  Length & width are taken at the base; height is the highest point). Because the rock shapes are irregular, measurements should be used as a guide only. 



* Made of lightweight, durable RealRock that is virtually indistinguishable from a real rock. More realistic than the fiberglass rocks that shine unnaturally. 

* Patented flange design secures the enclosure to the ground

* Includes two heavy-duty ground stakes

* UV inhibitor for maximum protection from the elements

* Hollow interior allows the rock to cover small outlets



* Made of composite plastic that won't crack or fade. 

* Requires no painting

* 5 year manufacturer warranty on the plaque.  

* Secured to the rock using black dipped stainless steel screws. 



Three different simulated metals (Gold, Copper and Nickel)

* Gold on Black Background

* Copper on Black Background

* Nickel on Black Background



Line 1: Holds up to 7 characters

Line 2: Holds up to 15 characters

Characters will be from 1.5" to 3" high depending on the number of characters. 

Address Plaque on Rock, 115-654

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Part Number:DKC115654
  • Material:Recycled aluminum

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Made in USA

Made in USA

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