Address Plaque on Rock, 2105-P646
Address Rock Model with Plaque 2105-P646

Display your address in a landscape rock. This hollow rock has a flat face for the address marker. Made in the USA. 


Rock Dimensions: 

Rock: 12" W x 24" L x 12.5" H

Weight: 3 lbs

* Please note the size. This is a rock, not a boulder. 


NOTE: Length & width are taken at the base; height is the highest point). Because the rock shapes are irregular, measurements should be used as a guide only. 



* Made of lightweight, durable RealRock that is virtually indistinguishable from a real rock. More realistic than the fiberglass rocks that shine unnaturally. 

* Patented flange design secures the enclosure to the ground

* Includes two heavy-duty ground stakes

* UV inhibitor for maximum protection from the elements

* Hollow interior allows the rock to cover small outlets

* Four rock colors



* Made of composite plastic that won't crack or fade. 

* Requires no painting

* 5 year manufacturer warranty on the plaque. 

* Secured to the rock using black dipped stainless steel screws. 

* See images for plaque styles



Three different simulated metals (Gold, Copper and Nickel)

* Gold on Black Background

* Copper on Black Background

* Nickel on Black Background



Line 1: Holds up to 7 characters

Line 2: Holds up to 15 characters

Characters will be from 1.5" to 5" high depending on the number of characters. For example, four numbers are 4.5" H. 

Address Plaque on Rock, 2105-P646

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Part Number:DKC105646
  • Material:RealRock

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Made in USA

Made in USA

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