Ceramic House Numbers with Frame, Open Classic
Ceramic House Numbers with Frame, Open Classic

This frame will hold up to seven ceramic tiles. Each ceramic tile is approximately 3x6, and the half tile is about 1.5" x 6". The tiles are arranged in a nearly invisible slimline frame. 



Tile Size: 6" H x 3" W x 3/8" D 

The width of your plaque is dependent upon the total number of tiles (3-7 tiles). 

Decorative ivy tiles are added at the beginning and end if not all tiles have numbers. The numbers tiles have ivy on the top and bottom. 



* Numbers are permanently fired on ceramic tiles

* Frame (slimline) included

* Durable for all weather extremes

* Powder coated steel frame with back plate

* Frame holds 3-7 tiles

* Frame size is determined by the number of tiles (see below)

* Tiles can be slid in from the left or right

* Half size blank tiles available

* 1 year warranty

* Minimum of 3 tiles


The plaque is made of separate ceramic tiles that are held in a powder coated steel frame. There is a back plaque that has four indentations for hanging on round head screws. 

Ceramic House Numbers with Frame, Open Classic

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  • Material:Ceramic

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Slimline Frame adjusted to numbers of tiles
Decoration on end tiles if less than 7 tiles
End tiles will have ivy decoration if there is room

Made in USA

Made in USA

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