Where do I see bronze prices & sizes?

Click on SIZE under the Options. The price will change dynamically when you select a different size. 

What is included in the price? 

Everything is included for a standard plaque. That includes free drafts. If stakes, posts, custom artwork are ordered, the extra cost is shown. 

Do you have any artwork that can be used on the plaque? 

Yes, we have free artwork. See: GM- Artwork. We also offer custom artwork. 

How do I determine the size? 

If you already know the size of the plaque you want, simply select that size. If you haven't decided on a size, a general guideline is:

Count the number of letters and spaces and divide by 4. This will provide the plaque size in square inches. For example, 400 letters and spaces divided by 4 is 100 square inches. With that result, a 10" x 10" bronze plaque would work. Names are generally larger than the rest of the plaque's text and that is included in this computation. 

After we receive your order and text and begin the layout, we will tell you if the text will not fit and work with you to determine the best size for your text. 

Where do I put the text I want on the plaque? 

Send the information in an email after you place an order. You will have a Order Number in the email confirmation of your order placement. 

Place the order. You will receive an email with the order confirmation. Reply to that email and send the text and any special information. Be sure to include your Order Number on the Subject line. An order must be placed before a draft is provided. You can cancel at any time before the draft is approved and production has begun. 

Can I have a free proof? 

We don't provide free proofs without an order. Because of the work and effort involved, we have chosen to focus on drafts for customers who have placed orders. If after placing an order and reviewing two free drafts, you choose not to proceed, we will cancel the order and issue a full or partial refund, dependent on artists fees.

How do I know when it is shipped? 

A scheduled ship date is sent after you approve the proof. A second email is sent when we have a tracking number.  

How do I mount my plaque?

See: Mounting

How long will it take to receive my plaque? 

The draft is provided in 3-7 business days. After draft approval, your plaque is ready to ship in 8-12 business days. Add 1-5 ship days. The turnaround time on each type of plaque is found under the price. A bas-relief plaque takes longer to make. 

How deep is the plaque?

Plaques are 1/4" deep. Plaques over 350" sq feet are 5/16" deep. 

Do you charge per letter? 

We do not charge per letter. We charge by the amount of bronze used. If stakes, posts, artwork are ordered, the extra cost is shown. 

How long will it last?

Our plaques have a LIFETIME guarantee. Lifetime Guarantee