Landscape Rock: Medium 15 x 14 x 23, 107
Landscape Rock

Medium Rock covers wellhead, pressure tank, septic pipe and other utility items in your yard. This artificial rock saves you the expense, yet retains the look of real rocks.



* Comes with four flanges to secure it into the ground so it won't blow away in a storm.

* Blends into the landscape. Simply cover the edges with mulch, grass, or flowers to disguise the edges. 

* Won't crack in cold weather. 

* Available in several colors

* Made in the USA. 



15"L x 14"W x 23"H




* Well 

8" diameter up to 18"H


* Septic Pipes 

6" diameter up to 20"H

Landscape Rock: Medium 15 x 14 x 23, 107

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  • Material:Artificial rock

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Made in USA

Made in USA

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