Brass is very golden in color. The patina is a black/brown with a little translucency - certainly not like a thick coat of paint. 


Bronze is more brownish. In the sunlight, it can show golden and copper highlights. This finish is our best seller. 


The Bronze Verdi is shown here in the the recessed lettering style. Raised lettering can be more difficult to read as the background is pretty busy, but very interesting. It is perfect especially if you want the old, "found it" look to your sign. A verde will show a little more golden tones. The verdi can range in the blue and greens and can vary on each plaque. This is a chemical reaction so it's not as controllable as, for example, a paint. The verdi is a living finish like all of our finishes and will change over time. 


The copper does not have a shiny brand-new copy penny look, but has a more orange than red color. For a gorgeous look, this is one that you should consider.


The copper verdi has a similar patina as the bronze verdi. The verdi can range in the blues and greens. It is a chemical reaction, not a paint, so the final color is not as controllable. The verdi is a living finish and will change over time. 


The stainless steel is pretty. It is well suited for many locations because of its classic stainless steel look. It is silverish with a little tiny bit of golden tinge to it.