When it comes to quality, the quality of the image greatly determines the quality of the engraving. Most images will work just fine and we are very skilled at enhancing photos. Please feel free to contact us for assistance.

- The image should be at least 250KB in size. (Hover or right click>properties to find the size)

- Paper photos should be scanned at the highest resolution of the scanner (at least 250 dpi). Some places such as Office Depot charge very little for scanning photos.

- If this is a photo from Facebook, try to find the original photo. (Look in the Pictures folder on your computer.) If the photo is from a cell phone, see if there is a HD version of it on the phone.

- Please note that etchings are not photo reproductions. The image is going to be different than the photo because it is an etching. The drafts use the photo so that you can view the layout. Etching takes time so the drafts are simply that - proofs of layout, spelling, etc.

- Must be in focus. If the photo has a faded, very low detail or the subject has a shadow over it, we will work with it to improve the quality.

- Most of the time, we can focus on the subject in a group of people or remove a background.

- We are professionals and very skilled at enhancing photos. Some images just need a minor adjustment.

- The better the photo, the better the engraving.

The example below shows a draft of the original photo and a simulation of the final image. Because the photo is etched into granite stone, it is not going to be as sharp or bright as an image printed on white paper or viewed on a laptop or device. However, we think it is beautiful and it lasts forever.