Square Address Plaque: 24" x 24"
No Supercap. Characters in the word are the same height. Wall style plaque.

This versatile 24" x 24" square address plaque is ideal for commercial locations or anywhere a large plaque is needed. Hand crafted of recycled aluminum, the plaque is treated with multiple applications of specially formulated weather resistant finish. Hardware is included with the plaque. The lawn version includes two 23" lawn stakes. Made in the USA.



24 " x 24"

14.3 lbs.



* Hand-crafted 

* Recycled aluminum

* Approximately 2 lbs. so that it will not pull from the wall or tip over in the lawn

* Very durable 

* Weather resistant finish

* Hardware included

* Lawn style has two 23" stakes

* Made in USA



Line 1: Holds up to five 6" characters or sixteen 2" characters

Line 2: Holds up to sixteen 2" characters 

Line 3: Holds up to sixteen 2" characters 

LAYOUT (See Image Gallery for example):

Supercap: First character of each word will be Supercap (larger than the rest of the text).

No Supercap: All words have the same size lettering. 



This plaque is often used for customization. It works excellently for addresses on apartments, condominiums, office suites, and townhouses and for commemorative plaques. For example, it has been used to display 

* one 6" letter such as: A 

* two 6" characters such as: 10C 

* two lines: ABC Company; Suite 1004 

* Dual purpose privacy signs, such as "Private Drive" and "No Soliciting" on the same plaque 

* Special character signs, such as those that need directional arrows

For customization quotes, send an email to: [email protected] or call our toll-free number: (866) 309-2013.

Square Address Plaque: 24" x 24"

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  • Material:Recycled aluminum

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Line 1
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Supercap Style

Made in USA

Made in USA

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